A True Story of Friendship, Valour and Death

Kim James’ first book is a romantic and moving biography of seven men, three British, three French and a Senegalese. Born hundreds, and in one case thousands, of miles apart, separated by nationality, race, religion and class they have a unity at their death in the same moment, time and space.

It was only by chance that Kim discovered that the dates on their graves in the British military cemetery in Rouen and the Necropolis in Fleury les Aubrys are not only wrong in all cases bar one, but totally impossible.

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quote-bigI feel you have shown remarkable consistency and fidelity in not turning your lead characters into standard fictional fodder. They are much more interesting than that. No one could doubt that these, once, were real men with real lives, who were condemned to suffer real and avoidable deaths… they do appear to be true heroes of their era. In this, as in much else, you have truly honoured them and their sacrifice quote-big

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About The Author

Kim James

Kim James was born in 1928 in Wollaston UK

It was whilst working in the hospital in Rouen in 1990 that he came across the graves of British soldiers, one of whom was his uncle. His research into the lives and deaths of all the soldiers led to the eventual discovery of the true circumstances of the battle in Criquebeuf – the last before the fall of France.

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